Friends, colleagues, mentors, etc. who are on the web & whose sites you should check out!

Laughing Samurai — bomb diggity creative agency in Orlando that can make anything awesome! Great friends & mentors!
Twelve 21 Gallery — Laughing Samurai's art gallery. THE place to see amazing art in Orlando.
Eleven Magazine — awesome St. Louis music magazine that is the collaborative effort of many brilliant creatives & friends of mine!
Upside Sounds — my buddy's fantastic music blog focusing on mostly the electronic genre that regularly delivers unique & fresh beats for your listening pleasures
John Hendrix — professor, illustration idol, fashion icon
D.B. Dowd — professor, encyclopedia of fascinating visual history, & the man who taught me to use gouache
Logan Alexander — designer, friend, person who knows way more about typography than you, & classmate
Jami Ambler — illustrator, designer, friend, & classmate
Laura Beckman — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Elizabeth Beier — illustrator, friend, & classmate
David Brennan — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Kuan Butts — architect, friend, & classmate
Sam Friedman — animator, illustrator, friend, favorite fellow dog lover, & classmate
Holly Graham — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Mike Hirshon — illustrator, designer, friend, & classmate
Lisa Ito — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Laura Javier — designer, friend, & classmate
Tracy Leibsohn — designer, friend, & classmate
Susannah Lohr — illustrator, designer, friend, kindred spirit, & classmate
Noah MacMillan — illustrator, designer, friend, & classmate
Dave Maupin — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Alana Miller — photographer, friend, & one of my favorite girls to boogie with!
Vidhya Nagarajan — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Jim O'Boyle — illustrator, designer, friend, & classmate
Sarah Quatrano — illustrator, designer, friend, classmate, & one of the few fellow uber-Italians I knew in college
Zoë Scharf — illustrative designer, friend, & classmate
Rori Spivey — designer, friend, & classmate
Jenna Stempel — illustrator, designer, friend, & classmate
Matt Ström — designer & friend
Adira Weixlmann — designer, friend, & classmate
A.P. Westcott — illustrator, friend, & classmate
Sasha Yan — designer, friend, & classmate
Limor Zisbrod — designer, friend, late-night/early morning studio companion, & classmate